Foodservice operators

Whether you’re a casual dining Bar & Grill, authentic US BBQ joint or pizzeria, we can help you;

  • Offer consistently outstanding dishes to diners every time
  • Control your cost per plate
  • Save time in the kitchen with less product preparation time required for each dish
  • Offer the original American family favourites on your menu – our collars are perfect for succulent barbecue
  • Wow your guests with impressive racks of sought after Danish baby back ribs! We offer a wide variety of rib specifications, so you can choose the one that best suits your menu
  • Be authentic with cuts with an ideal meat to fat ratio for slow-cooking
  • Offer perfectly portioned starters and sides
  • Keep your kitchen running smoothly with reliable delivery, efficient customer service and account management from your hands-on Danish Crown team
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Together, we are creating a more sustainable future for food.

Contact us for more information on how we can help add value to your menu, by email or phone +1-908-931-9733