Food safety

Complete confidence

It is imperative that consumers have confidence in the meat products they buy. That is why at Danish Crown we constantly develop food safety procedures – from our farms, to our slaughterhouses to our manufacturing plants.

Food Safety
farm to fork

We have a three-stage audit process which involves;

  • A self-audit by highly trained employees at the slaughterhouses.
  • Thorough veterinary inspection at all stages.
  • Third-party official ‘surprise’ inspections from government authorities to audit compliance with welfare legislation.

“Recent scandals have highlighted some of the convoluted supply chains some meat goes through, so having a system like the one we have with Danish Crown where we can clearly demonstrate a ‘farm to fork’ product is invaluable.”

Martin Sauer,
Managing Director, Danish Crown USA.

Sample testing

Our level of sample testing is significantly higher than that required by EU legislation. We do tests for Salmonella, E. coli and Total Viable Count, as well as the standard tests for residues according to EU regulation, (pesticides, antibiotic and chemotherapeutical, heavy metals and hormones). Furthermore, we undertake thorough Trichinae testing. There have been no positive samples since 1929.

EU Regulations
Danish Crown tested


Antibiotic and

Heavy metals




Total viable count


We guarantee full traceability for all our products. With full control over our supply-chain, from start to finish, we can trace back your meat back to the exact batch with full food safety documentation and veterinary records back to the farm.

Transport hygiene

We impose strict requirements for the cleaning and disinfection of vehicles entering and leaving our farms to prevent any risk of disease

For more information on our commitment to food safety, please contact us, or visit our virtual slaughterhouse.

Animal welfare

The achievement of high welfare standards is paramount throughout the whole production chain, on the farm, during transport and finally at the plant.

Although Danish animal welfare legislation is linked to EU law, in many areas we exceed these requirements; we operate to some of the highest standards of animal welfare in the world.

Gentle treatment of animals on the day of slaughter not only practises good welfare, but it reduces levels of stress within the animal, thus resulting in higher quality meat.