The Pure Pork pig is born and raised on Danish family farms by dedicated and experienced farmers with a high focus on animal welfare.

The pig goes through life without being given any antibiotics or growth promotants, and it is all-vegetarian fed at all stages of growth.

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With Pure Pork we guarantee;

  • No antibiotics used in treatment or feed
  • No growth promotants used, ever
  • All-vegetarian feed only
  • Fully slatted floors prohibited
  • All pigs must have access to manipulable materials
  • Pigs born and raised on Danish family farms governed by Danish Crown protocol
  • Pigs slaughtered in Denmark by Danish Crown

From Farm to Fork: quality in every step

Danish Crown is owned by 7.605 farmers ensuring that our livestock suppliers have a vested interest in adjusting their production to consumer demand.

The “From Farm to Fork” principle is dynamically integrated in every process from educating our pig producers, regulating pig breeding and animal health procedures, enforcing policies on animal feed stuffs and minimizing transportation time to the slaughterhouse, to the butchering process, product packaging and handling.

Ensuring world-class food safety our production facilities are also certified by independent third party quality assurance auditors to the following international standards: GRMS (Global Red Meat Standard), SQF (Safe Quality Food), IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium).

The “From Farm to Fork” concept is the very foundation of Danish Crown and is essentially what enables us to meet the demand for animal welfare and traceability because of the direct connection between Danish Crown and our cooperative members and owners.

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Together, we are creating a more sustainable future for food.

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